Return of the Pungent Chicken Podcast

A labor of love... this may be.. but only because I love the sound of my voice.  ....I kihd..I kihd.

I have always been an opinionated person, much to the chagrin of many of my friends and family members. The forum of this blog allows me to discuss whatever subject matter should pick my interest or raise my ire, but I find it requires complimentary support with the nice calming tones provided by my new podcast.

Lawd have mercy!

Subscribe via the button below on iTunes und enjoy the mellifluous tenor of my deep alto (I try to avoid singing...except whilst in the shower or car..when driving alone.  I do not drive the shower...only the car).

I'll add a link from SoundCloud for each episode as we traverse the yellow brick road..

Episode 3:  A New Dope

Episode 2:  Live Free or Fry Hard

Episode 1:  Revenge of the Cyst

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