Thursday, May 8, 2014

He who Geeketh, Findeth. A warm welcome to

To paraphrase a wise man, "Let's Do It!".

Ladies and Gentleman. Boys and Girls. 

After much hard work over the past few months, I invite you all to peruse the product of that effort. is my little piece of the Geekisphere to sell some original designs of apparel intended to entertain and otherwise liven the spirits of the wearer and the viewer alike.

It's my hope that you browse our offerings, enjoy the commentary and perhaps, make a purchase or two. You may even see some Ads on Facebook and other social media networks in the coming days further highlighting new designs as they come into productions.

Thank you all for the continued support and warm wishes as I've been dropping teasers over the past few weeks. Your words, "likes", "plus one's", private messages and emails have not gone unappreciated. Please feel free to leave me comments of suggestion or feedback here on this blog post.  In addition, I welcome suggestions for new designs which can be forwarded directly to Any person's suggestion that comes to fruition will be rewarded with a free T-Shirt of that design (within North America only, unfortunately). 

I will be posting updates on each design currently in our inventory and new products as they come to fruition. For a limited time, enjoy a special discount of 15% (Discount Code M1H7Q3N94Y63) as we celebrate new beginnings and hopefully future success!

Once again... Welcome to

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