Monday, April 7, 2014

Time is of the essence..

..or so I'm told.  However, as is with anyone else with a day job, I find there is very little of it to devote to side projects.  While I dare not call myself an "entrepreneur," it has been slow going as the owner of a fledgling small business which has yet to open it virtual doors .  I have had little time to do the designing, research and development that I had wished to accomplish by this point, however recently I did spend some time further streamlining the execution of my "master plan."

Part of that plan is the strategic melding of this blog with, the outlet for my wares.  You may have taken note of the new blog layout, including the new logo and background imagery.  While these elements of the website's design are NEVER final, I am quite pleased with the appearance that we now wield. will follow a similar line and, universe withstanding, should be opening for "beta testing" within the next few weeks.  Please leave some comments regarding this blog's design and content in the mean time because it will help me to further fine tune both it and my writing style.  I will post further detail regarding all developments both here and Google+.


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