Wednesday, January 8, 2014

... Change for the sake of...well....Change.

I've been mulling some changes to the the blog for some time and you likely see, I've settled in on a new design that showcases one of my favorite drawings (my own..of course).  It's a color inversion of my Double Dragon piece with the "guts" scooped out and some additional textures and layers pushed in.

I think it creates a compelling backdrop and the shaded page body does a nice job of highlighting the text.  I will most likely change the fonts as well, but for now, the page feels just about right to me.

Soon, I'll be posting links to my web shop ( with the first three (3) t-shirt designs available for purchase.  Links to the shop will adorn the blog for convenience and I'll update with posts and pictures of samples as I receive them.

I hope 2014 will be bountiful for all!
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