Tuesday, December 3, 2013

... jumpin' Jehoshaphat! Did he really say that??!

Well folks.  I've decided to make an official go at a clothing line (of sorts),  beginning with a series of six T-shirts with some original artwork.  

Soon, you'll see a change in the blogs design as well as information and pictures of the latest offshoot of the 'Pungent Chicken' brand of offerings.  There will be an online store opening to the public shortly and I will be updating  everyone on a regular basis about it' s offerings.   I'm very excited about the shirts and have a few samples on the way from the printer.   I will follow that up with a further lineup of more comical offerings as well as some unique products....but more on that later. 

What I'm hoping to get...from you...yes...you there, sitting there with your lamb kebab... Is some feedback.  
For the moment,  I'd love some guidance about best practices for advertising and marketing.   My initial inclination is to "plug the brand" in the usual Social Media outlets,  but I don't want to seem desperate in doing so.  Later, feedback (and suggestions)  about the products themselves would come in handy, as I do want everything I sell to be of high quality and workmanship.  

Over the last few months I've been spreading my wings and clucking up a storm, but all that energy has lead up to this point. 

Let's work together in helping Pungentees.com take flight (Yes... I know.. Chickens can't fly! ).
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