Monday, December 23, 2013


....because sometimes it's just fun to scare people.

I received the latest in the prototypes of one of my design concept shirts.  This one features a Japanese Demon with the Pungentees logo on the front and the back.  The logo on the back is far too large, but I wanted to test this vendors printing process more than the actual shirt.  As I'm continuing to use an American Apparel 2001 T-Shirt, I expect the fit and material to be consistent with other prototypes I received from an outfit in Texas.  They, however, took too long in production and shipping.  The new vendor took exactly ten days to get me a shirt after order, including an email exchange confirming exactly what I wanted design wise.

Everything looks to be on schedule for a Christmas Day launch with three unique designs. The image below is dubbed Akooma.  The prototype has a large image pattern on the front with a large logo on the back.  The actual front image will be scaled down by 50% with the company logo being reduced by 66%.  The image I have in my head is something relatively discrete, requiring the viewer to take a closer look to see the manufacturer.

Is that really what the back of my head looks like?!
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