Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Pebble in the gearworks...

Watches.  An important part of any gentleman's arsenal of accoutrements.  They allow us to track the time we spend as currency throughout the day.  They afford us the ability to meet our responsibilities at the mark that we intend.  ...and they provide a great accessory to each one of our sordid crimes.

Time..is always of the essence.  Were it not so, then we could easily languish throughout the day...floating along in the sea of life.  ...but still, the timepiece has evolved from the most basic of function.  It no longer only displays the time of day.  The average watch now incorporates the ability to track the day of the month, the sweep of seconds and even sometimes the hand of father time in locations thousands of miles from the current.  The intelligence of man has allowed us to make our every day tools even more so.

For the Smart Man should be a Smart Watch.  This day and age has brought us a number of offerings from a number of Smart Companies.  Sony and Samsung bring us products that wield as much, if not more, power than than some Smart Phones, though their price points ($250+) leave much to be desired.  A number of smaller companies make less expensive offerings, but a fear of the unknown wins out against them.

Then, one day...you stumble upon review upon review for a little upstart.  You read about how their Kickstarter campaign has drawn much attention....generating far greater capital than requested by it's proprietors.You think about how limited the functionality of their product is at the moment, providing just SMS, Caller ID and Email. ...and yet, is that not enough? 

I suppose there are those that need something more....well....more.   Perhaps a watch that takes pictures.  Perhaps one that can talk to them or send messages on their behalf.  Or perhaps one that sings them lullabies as they meander through the different levels of the heaven we know as sleep. 

Perhaps.  Perhaps.  ...but not I.  I need a simple IDD (Information Delivery Device).  Let me know when I receive a text message (kudos for actually showing me the body of the message) or an email...or when my wife decides to change her drink order in the midst of a Backstreet Boys concert while I'm on line looking for anything to numb my auditory nerves enough to survive a night of screaming teenage girls  (they are ALL "teenage girls" around the BSBs).

I digress... 

Enter the Pebble Smart Watch

I've had mine for a few months.  Paired it via bluetooth to both my former iPhone 5 and my current Galaxy Note 2.  It's saved me from impending doom numerous times and helped me stay abreast of my SMS messages and incoming calls with aplomb.  That it costs only $150 makes it ever more alluring when compared to the Big Brand offerings.  The standard capabilities are as mentioned, but the watches ecosystem is ever growing.  New apps are available to relay sports scores or weather information and maybe...maybe... time.   Yes....time.  That unforgiving foe.  The stalwart warrior dragging us down into the muck and mire from whence we came.   We fight on yet...against our frigid enemy.

I digress, yet again.

The PSW comes in a multitude of colors and from an expanding number of retailers.  Best Buy now carries it and it's freely available on Amazon (for $120 as of this writing).   Any standard 22mm watchband can be switched out to replace the OEM rubber.  Skins and Screen Protectors available to customize and defend to the hearts content. While I could continue to opine on it's virtues, I suggest a simple Google search to find further reviews and banter.  Far more has been said by a few than the few words that I can continue to spew.

Revel in these pictures of my Pebble Smart Watch after some recent modifications:

Needless to say.. the Pebble Smart Watch gets Two Wings Up!
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