Monday, October 7, 2013

...Hide! Hide! The Martian's are coming!!

Every author needs a place to work.  A refuge.  A quiet place to put thought to paper...or finger to keyboard, as it would be in this case.  I've had a small desk in a small room for some time.  I called it an office, but it's really a small guest room on the ground level of our home.  That room will eventually be converted into a guest room as would be appropriate for any well-equipped suburban dwelling.  My beautiful wife and I spent this weekend refitting one of our spare bedrooms for office duty.  We stripped it bare and painted it Behr Shire Green. I built a new desk that would allow me to have the type of work space I need for my many misadventures and interests.  The components consist of a PRĂ„GEL light oak colored kitchen counter top (8 feet in length!!!) and five SJUNNE nickel-plated legs.  This room is now known as "The Shire" in homage to John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, the famous philologist (and of course because of the color we chose for it).

I've only begun furnishing it with my requisite accoutrements, but here's a teaser pic (I'll add more...and once I've reached a presentable state).  Take note..that's a 17" laptop on the table!

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