Thursday, October 17, 2013

...does not compute! (Part Two)

For the first two days, the system ran flawlessly, but yesterday I made note of Windows 8's version of the Blue Screen of Death.  It seemed to start when I installed a number of programs en-batch via Ninite, but became more frequent once I installed the latest AMD Catalyst Suite for the HD7850.  The error message seemed to center around a memory management issue.  I had wondered if there was a hardware problem with the motherboard or perhaps one or more RAM module, but further research led me to believe the stated timing specs for the ram were not jiving with what the motherboard was auto-detecting.

I had some time to investigate the issue last night and so booting into the BIOS confirmed my hypothesis.  I manually adjusted the timing values and increased the supplied voltage from 1.50v to 1.55v for good measure.  A small increase of voltage to the CPU and Front Side Bus also helped insure that the vital parts of the machine got enough juice to do whatever it is they do. The tweaks in the BIOS allowed me to finally have a stable system with no BSOD's after 3 hours of break-in testing.  I did, however, find that my aforementioned water cooling setup works well without it's fan in all but extreme usage cases.  With all eight cores of the FX-8320 running above 75% efficiency, the core temp jumped from 35C all the way up to 70C (Ouch!!).  Not acceptable!   I'll be rerouting the hoses for the Water Cooler and mounting the fan to the radiator tonight to provide the additional cooling that it needs.  I may actually experiment with a dual fan setup with one fan attached to the "front" of the radiator to draw air into it's core and one fan on the opposite side to help expedite the exit of the air.

Pictures to follow in Part Three....

...ok.... here are some teaser pics:

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