Wednesday, September 11, 2013

... off come the covers!


The last few days have been interesting for technojunkies everywhere.  Apple, Inc. released it's newest iPhones, 5S and 5C, into the wild.  While the 5S packs additional punch to the iPhone arsenal, the 5C is a "budget" iPhone with a plastic (instead of aluminum) shell and largely the same guts as the iPhone 5.   Lifehacker has a nice post about the specifications of both new iPhones here.   For my part, I don't see a hardware-based justification to upgrade to the 5S, despite the new A7 processor.  The A6 does 95% percent of what I need it for, limited perhaps only by Apple, Inc. induced software limitations.

Which leads me neatly into my segue into the point of this post.  As the new hardware rolled out, Apple also announced the release date of it's new mobile operating system, iOS7.  Yesterday, they distributed to developers the "Golden Master" version of the software for final app-compatibility testing.  I've tested the betas of iOS7 on my old iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, but waited for the final version for my iPhone 5.

The Golden Master was good enough.  I backed up my iOS6.1.4 installation and updated to iOS7 GM last night...with some trepidation...but everything seems to be running fine.  The betas were also fruitful, so I did not expect problems, but who actually wants to brick their phone?   My official impressions are very positive.  All apps function as expected, the interface operates very smoothly with nice fade-in/fade-out transitions.   Every app, thus far, seems to open more quickly.  ...and there are evolutionary improvements to nearly all standard features (camera, safari, etc.).

..and thank you to the Apple "Geniuses", for incorporating the Yahoo! weather app as standard.  It seems like someone in Cupertino is actually paying attention.

Finally... the screenshots:

A new and updated Lock Screen with a cleaner look.

Swiping up pulls up the Control Center with (finally) one-click control over features like wifi, bluetooth, etc.

Swiping down brings you to an information screen with weather, calendar and call data.

Swiping to unlock takes you to an improved Passcode screen. It's a slicker interface, somewhat reminiscent of screens seen on some Android phones.

Getting the combo right leads to the pot-o-gold!  Immediately you'll notice the brighter interface with flat icons and crisper lines.

Opening Safari will show you an improved interface as well with new sharing functions that allow you to share items with other iOS7 users via AirDrop or send to a number of Social Networks.

 A cleaner calendar which by default gives you a weekly view. 

 Improved multi-tasking that allows screen views instead of just icons. 

 Swiping up will close unnecessary apps.

I'll dig deeper into the inner workings as time allows, but so far ... two wings up!

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