Tuesday, September 17, 2013

...Brotherly Love

No.. this post is not about Philadelphia. As a point of fact, my experiences in that city have not been very favorable. ...but then, what kind of treatment can a guy from Jersey expect?  Still, they do know how to put together a good sammich!

I digress...this post is actually about Fantasy Football.  I'm only playing in one small league this year (13 Ronin running from Godzilla...hosted on Yahoo!), as opposed to the two or three leagues I usually partake of.  For the first time ever, I squared off against my brother in a head to head match up.  To add further intrigue, my fantasy team was being quarterbacked by Peyton Manning, who in turn squared off against HIS brother, Eli Manning.

Now, to be frank, as a New Jerseyite, I was torn.  Fantasy allegiance or loyalty to my hometown favorite New York Football Giants?  I am always a little torn when given this situation.  My policy is to never employ players from teams that I despise in real life.  No Eagles or Cowboys on my roster!  Still it is difficult to balance loyalty to a team that your actually a fan of, with a vested interest in the exact opposite result.  In this scenario, I was left little recourse..the Giants stank up the joint and Sir Peyton of Manning maintained his end of the bargain.

He didn't exactly set any records this week, but he did play consistently and with no turnovers (something that cannot be said of Eli). It was the kind of beating that most older brothers dish out on their little bro'. Dominant, but not enough to totally destroy the kid's ego. Hey..we all have to have someone we aspire to be like!  I hope this week's tilt against the Chokeland Raiders proves to be even more fruitful for the Broncos and the Giants need to turn the boat around against Carolina.

To my brother...whom I beat on the strength of the Seattle Seahawk's Defense:

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