Friday, September 13, 2013

...Admiral, there be whales here!

...excuse the obscure Star Trek reference.

It's no secret, I drive a lot.   I mean....A LOT.  It used to be that I would commute to and fore two (2) hours each way to work (heaven forbid there was an accident).  So I started entertaining ways to, well.. entertain myself.  At first it was music, but I got tired of that rather quickly.   Next was talk radio, but despite the subject matter (sports, politics, blah, blah, blah) I found my blood pressure elevating with each disagreement.

Then I happened upon literature.  No, I did not start reading while driving (though, I have witnessed others do that very thing whilst driving west on the 91 freeway in Southern California).  I decided to give audiobooks a try.   Mind you, there seems to be somewhat of a social stigma associated with least, there used to be...but I decided that to give myself the type of mental freedom necessary after a loooong day of  building 401k plans, I needed something to take me to lala land, while concurrently allowing my brain to function (for driving purposes) at a near autonomic level.

Oh boy, did it work.  My very first prey...  The Harry Potter series of works.  J.K.Rowling created an entire mythology for us to live in and it literally jumped from it's "pages" into my mind.  I cannot express how engrossed I became in these books.  The narrative depicted by the movies is spectacular and they did a phenomenal job with casting every hero and villain, but the books provide such a granular history to the wizarding world's ethos, that any thought to not experience the books is a foolish one.

I'm excited to hear that Ms. Rowling has decided to help bring some additional prose to film.  It seems she penned two additional works associated with the Harry Potter lore, but not directly related to his story.
Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them; A textbook really.  I believe it's one of the books that Harry first buys when he enrolls in Hogwarts.  It's kind of a catalog of most, if not all, the magical creatures of the realm.  I take it the movie adaptation will be centered around the adventures of it's fictional author, Newt Scamander.  Or is it fiction? 

The second work is Quidditch Through The Ages, though I don't have much detail about this book, I think it's safe to say that it will be a biopic on the famed sport of Quidditch. Perhaps there will be a James Potter cameo?

Suffice it to say... OMG.. THIS IS GOING TO BE SOOOO AWESOME!!

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