Thursday, August 1, 2013

...From whence dost this sound eminate?

After the "successful" launch of the official Return of the Pungent Chicken Podcast...

I've been asked how I've managed to so effectively record and disseminate my ruminations on the human condition.

In other words:  "Yo... how you be recordin' yo ish?"

Truth be told, it is not very difficult.   Perusing Amazon (which I love by the way)  I came across this neat looking little usb microphone that harkened back to the days of yore.  When microphones were the size of a human head and made of metal enough to blugeon someone to death with.  Thankfully, this one is much smaller and lighter, but enough heft to make things "stable".

Samsontech Meteor

It's attached to my laptop via usb as an input to my favorite (and free) recording software:


Not only does Audacity allow you to record, but you can also do some editing as well (You won't believe it, but I actually cut 23 minutes of content out of Episode 1 of the podcast).

Here's the setup I have at home  (the microphone is like a little Desepticon):

My menagerie of computer equipment:

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