Saturday, July 6, 2013

... Where ART thou?

My creative juices have been flowing recently.  Freely in fact.  I've been exercising little restraint in trying my hand at a fair few different art forms.  My most recent rediscovery is of drawing/painting.  Now, I never really was too much more than a prolific doodler, filling up notebook upon notebook with Ninja Turtles, G.I.Joes, Transformers and the like. Hey!?! I was 12!

Fast forward a couple of decades and I've been too busy to expand on these abilities.  My weapon of choice had always been black ink, as using a pencil has never failed to give me a chill down my spine. However, with the advent of the iPad, Apple totally changed the way we can create and distribute art (along with music, video and literature).

My recent discovery of an iPad-only app called "Paper" has afforded me the ability to produce art that otherwise would have taken minutes. 

A brief idea of what this app is:

As you can see, one can create a number of sketchpads that one can fill up to one's heart's content.  The first two pictures I created were featured in the two blog posts immediately preceding this one.  The first is our beautiful pup, Sophie and the second a simple tree (well maybe not too simple).

I used "Paper" along with an editing app named "Snapseed" to create the following:

I hope you all enjoy!

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