Monday, July 8, 2013


After posting some recent pictures (both "drawn" and photographed) and mentioning that they had been processed by my favorite "quick-editing" software (Snapseed), I received a few messages asking to demonstrate the process of editing on the iPhone (though this is equally simple on the iPad).  Once upon a time Snapseed was also available for purchase as a Windows application, but no longer.  I purchased it when it was and so have it installed on my Win8 sled as well.

Here's a brief rundown using a picture of one my favorite sitcom characters:

Begin by opening the Snapseed app (second in the top row in this screen shot from my iPhone 5):

Import the picture of your choice by pressing the camera icon in the top left corner of the app and selecting the source of the image:

This is what your work space should look like now:

Snapseed allows you to apply a number of preset templates labeled as drama,vintage, black & white, retrolux, blah blah blah.  In addition...and this is the coolest feature of the can create a "tilt-shift" effect which gives you that minaturized look that is so popular with the kids now days.  Something like this:

Back to the story...

You can now apply whatever effects you should desire.  I chose to apply a vintage effect along with a mild tilt-shift and a center focused brightness enhancement.

Once you've got your image edited to your satisfaction, tap the save button in the top right hand corner as in the image above and select your save location as in the image below.

The finished product:



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