Monday, June 24, 2013

...Tis a Salty Pig

I went to The Salted Pig in Riverside, CA recently with my wife, brother-in-law & his girlfriend.  This restaurant describes itself as a "gastropub" and given it's eclectic fare, certainly does fit that bill.

The Salted Pig

Some pictures of our Smörgåsbord:

Mac 'n Cheese made with Gouda:

Pig 'n Fig Flatbread:

Roasted Bone Marrow (Hmm...interestingly, the menu didn't say what animal this comes from. ...and we neglected to ask):

The M.S.G. Burger w/ Fried Egg:

Their current menu:

My impression was favorable.  I only tried my hamburger with the rest of our party enjoying the other items, however I've decided to definitely return and try some of the other more "non-standard" menu items. 

My reason for getting the hamburger was to run them through my standard pressure test.  If they can prepare a hamburger to my satisfaction, then they've earned my trust for items that are not part of my staple diet.  As it was, the hamburger was offered as medium-rare.  They accommodated me quite well with a sandwich that was prepared effectively at medium (I prefer the cows have stopped mooing prior to my ingesting them).  Every food item is made completely "in-house" and the end product definitely tastes like it.  The meat patty was well seasoned and juicy.  The bun had a rustic bent and the slab of bacon was thick cut and sumptous, but not crispy (as I prefer my bacon). 

The Arugula salad was far better than I expected  Bonus Trivia.. What movie am I quoting?:

"Arugula. I haven't had arugula in six weeks.
 What's that?
 It's a veg-a-tabul."

..back to the salad...  vegetables were crisp and clean with a nice, light, vinagrette.  It even had some bonus strawberries at the bottom.  These people know how to get to my heart.....straight into the Oral Cavity, down the Esophagus and into the Stomach where the chemical reactions create heat which radiates through my torso to warm my cardiac muscle.

To cool it down I drank some Black Market Brewing Compnay 1945 Berliner Weisse. A nice pale ale with a satisfying combination of sweet and sour AND a cider-like finish.  Low in alcohol content, so it could have been imbibed with impunity, but I had only the one due to a prior engagement.
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