Tuesday, June 18, 2013


As some of my friends may know, I am an avid motor sports fan.  Over the recent few years this has been dominated by an obsession with Formula One (F1) racing, however I continue to follow NASCAR and Indy Car racing as well.  On occasion I'll tune in to different types of motorcycle racing as well, especially during the running of the Isle of Man TT, which just passed.

Speaking of passing, my thoughts go out to the family of former NASCAR driver Jason Leffler who lost his life during a Sprint race in my native New Jersey.  It's another stark reminder of the dangers involved in this sport. Sad story, and one that happens from time to time in the Big Show to remind us of our mortality.   That it happened around the time of Father's Day makes it more so.  It will undoubtedly always sting just that much more for his son.

Auto Racing is filled with these tragic stories, but that seems to be part of the lore.  It creates legends.  It makes even unknown drivers into tragic heroes and favorite sons into demigods.  Was it really 2001 when "The Intimidator" (Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Sr.) perished while blocking for his son. 

Has it really been 19 years since the greatest Grand Prix driver of all time, Mr. Monaco...Ayrton Senna da Silva left us while dominating the race at Imola.  (Note:  the picture below is from his days with McLaren.  I refuse to honor the Williams Racing Team, for whom he was driving when the steering column on his car broke at racing speed).

Time flies faster than the vehicles these people hurl down the track at meteoric speeds.  Modern day gladiators battling forces unseen and indomitable.  A battle that one cannot truly win, if but for a moment.  ...but then perhaps that is the reason why we reach.  For that fleeting moment. 

Go Vettel!! 

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