Tuesday, June 18, 2013

...Entertain me, silly monkey!

Movie buff?  So am I.  I've got a sickness, though.  I can and do watch movies multiple times.  To this day, if I'm flipping through the cornucopia of channels available via DirecTV and see The Goonies or La Bamba on...well, let's just say mowing the lawn can be done later.

In this day & age of sooper-high-speed Internet access, we can take advantage of so many different streaming movie services.  Netflix, Hulu, Crackle...even Amazon provide a wealth of programming for us to reminisce to.  In addition, with the advent of the Home Server, we can store all of our favorites to be perused on a whim.  I've got one of these doodads and combined with a networked media player (I use a Roku XD) can watch its content on any TV I attach to.

I've also added a neat little piece of software (named Plex Media Server) that allows me to watch my servers content on my iPhone or iPad anywhere that I have Internet access.  

Reasonably easy to setup:

Pass the popcorn! 
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