Saturday, June 29, 2013

...Does not compute!

As I've mentioned, I am a techno-geek.  I love building my own computers, installing operating systems and generally jaunting about geekdom.  It takes a special breed to find enjoyment in doing the things I like, even in this day and age of "simple-tech".  iPhones..iPads..iThis and.iThat. These types of devices work..and work simply.   That leaves few people with the desire or need to customize there computing doohickies.

There are those that jailbreak their iDevices and those that root their Android world domination machines.  There are those that choose not to jump onto the Microsoft or Apple bandwagons by installing Linux on their home PC's.  I'm still a Windows faithful (Technet subscription and all), but can never have too much customization.  I was spurred on by a recent article on and decided to install a desktop customization tool named Rainmeter on my Windows 8 powered laptop.  This application allows enormous amounts of modifications to the standard Windows interface.  In addition I added an application launching tool named Rocketdock to add a toolbar at the bottom of my desktop to help launch my most used folders.

Searching the interweb for additional skins and icons can help you create your own personalized computing experience.

The finished product:

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