Tuesday, June 25, 2013

...and so it goes, boldly!

I've thought about doing this my entire life and discussed it with no one.  Now, fair reader, you will be audience to my confession:  I have always wanted to be a writer.  It's true...really, it is.

I had always chalked it up to flights of fancy, or a vivid and overactive imagination, or perhaps even a burgeoning case of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, but I have for as long as I can remember created entire worlds in my head.  I have many a time become immersed in fantastical scenarios, leaving these realms only when another tangential point is reached.

I've decided to use this space...my blawg... to flex some of this mental muscle.  I had planned on writing a story about a group of banded warriors that undertook an epic journey with the goal of saving all of the world from a dark, malevolent overlord. They would travel through all different types of climates and environs, all the while battling enormous hordes of fiendish creatures. The idea was that one central character, perhaps one additional to keep him company, would forge through these perilous odds to destroy a magical ring that was tainted with evil power. It was going to be a great tome, opaquely enlightening it's readers on the multi-layered nature of humanity. To make it more-so, I would have made them smaller and simpler than the average human to emphasize the duality of a meager existence (both in stature and nature). By the end you would see clearly that the limitations that a lack of size & substance placed on our heroes would in fact be the source of there greatest strength.

It was going to be awesome!  I even thought of a great name; Ring of the Lords.  Having a sound idea fleshed out as a first draft, I then tried copyrighting the project. I was met with ULTIMATE disappointment...

Who is this Tolkien &@$;"-bag??!

Exciting times folks...look forward to my first short story soon!

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